Sunday, 4 June 2017

ICE, Sprint RS, For Sale!

How Do All ;-)

£2,200.00 or very nearest offer!

For Sale on behalf of my Friend Graham. 

Graham is selling his ICE, Sprint RS.

The bike was bought from ICE 2011 and is in great condition, with a beautiful Metallic Red paint finish!

Graham has recently replaced the complete rear end frame with a brand new one as the original had a flaw in the material which went unnoticed.
There are lots of extras which are included in the sale, please see the details below.
And the drive train has been replaced and is all brand new components.

This Trike is fully and properly serviced, set up and adjusted and is ready to ride today! with no further tinkering or twiddling needed, unless you want to of course!

The Details:
Inspired Cylce Engineering, Sprint RS.
Year of manufacture 2011, Colour (Beautiful) Metallic Red.
Compact Flat Twist fold frame for ease of transport in the boot of a standard car.

ICE disk brake hubs all round with Alex Rims. and all quick release. 
New wheel bearings all round 
Tyres are Schwalbe, Marathon Plus.

Avid BB7 Disk brakes with 160mm rotors, with all new pads.

Drive Train:
Sram triple chainset, with ICE chain guard
Sram Derailleurs and bar end shifters. 
New Chain, new 9 speed cassette, new idler pulley, new middle chain ring.

New rear parking brake assembly.

Other Special items included with the sale:
Neck Rest with light mount block.
Mirrors and mirror mounting arms.
Extra bottle cages mounted to the rear of the seat.
Mudguards fitted all round with quick release on the fronts.
Windwrap Front Fairing.
Rag Top sun and rain proof canopy.
2 spare new chains.
New spare cassette.
New rear derailleur spare.
Rechargeable moon lights front and rear.
Gadget bag.
Shimano SPD pedals.
Radical Designs, Over Seat Bags .
Spare cables, brake pads, tubes, etc...

This is a gorgeous trike and needs no work or improvements, you can ride off into the sunset with no worries at all!

If anything has been missed or you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

Please see all the pictures for a full 360 visual examination.

Graham is more than happy to have anyone come visit me and examine the Trike without obligation. He is in the Heathrow Villages area Hillingdon, Middlesex.

If you are interested in this item please contact me and I will put you in touch with Graham. 
knotty dot bear at gmail dot com

The Price Graham is asking for this complete bundle is:
£2,200.00 or very nearest offer!

Thank you for looking!
Take care,
Barry ;-)

The Pictures.

As of 04/06/2017

Friday, 12 May 2017

The Lost Episodes! Instagram Highlights.

How Do All ;-)

Its been such a fantastic year so far that I have been too busy having fun on bikes to bother updating the Awesome goings on here!
So here are a few of the best bits from this years Instagram posts, the rest you can catch up with on my Instagram Feed.

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I went for a spin out to Burnham Beeches today to try and get rid of the misery face ☹️ and enjoy some nature after yesterday's pollution fest in London! Wearing my new favourite cap, and that's not because it has naughty swear words on it 😇 I pass this beautiful church in Datchet quite often and it's stark white limestone? spire stands out for miles around like a beacon. The contrast of the blue sky and dark blue, sapphire like clock face really draw in the eye. It's also so nice to have such a beautiful wooded area like Burnham Beeches to go and chill out in on the bike, a complete opposite to the city of London. Ah! Misery face temporarily gone 😁 #knottybear #laidbackcyclist #cycling #design #bicycle #miserylovescompany #porteurbike #kingfisher #burnhambeeches #beautifulplaces #londoncycling #londonbikekitchen #fixshit #cyclingcap #architecture #churchspire #church #ifyougodowntothewoodstoday #porteurbike
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 Use the arrows either side of the picture to see the rest of the pictures in this post!

I took the Kingfisher for a 30 mile test ride on the way home from work via Burnham Beeches to try out the new rack properly, and also give the Rat Trap Pass tyres a good run now that I have set them up tubeless. The rack is fairly simple in design but perfect for my needs and not over or under built, loaded the bike feels great and the steering feels normal and not at all unstable even cornering at speed. Riding through the Beeches over roots and dead branches, and on the rough roads everything is sound with no movement, so i am completely chuffed with my first efforts at rack building. I have the tyres running at 35psi in the rear and 30psi in the front, this seems about right with the load up front, and I am impressed with the comfort and overall handling on and off road. I was quite surprised to see my speed is still quite good considering this is basically a glorified shopping bike 😂 I will finish the rear rack and lights in the next week or so, but for now I just want to enjoy riding. #framebuilding #filletbrazing #knottybear #laidbackcyclist #cycling #brazing #fabrication #design #bicycle #steelisreal #stainlesssteel #neverstoplearning #porteurbike #kingfisher #bicyclerack #compassrattrappass #rodivision #trpspyre #porteurrack #burnhambeeches #beautifulplaces #ifyougodowntothewoodstoday #tubeless #stansnotubes #porteurbike
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I took the Kingfisher to work today so I could try out the Porteur rack I have just made, I have not made the porteur bag yet but luckily one of my panniers fit just fine laying down and clipped on nicely. I had 7 kilos on the rack and it handled that ok and the steering was also fine. I still need to add the light mounts at some point and may need to adjust the fore/aft position of the rack but for now it is fully useable and I am happy, for five minutes at least 😂 I really enjoyed brazing this rack and the fillet brazing lessons learned at @thebicycleacademy made it all that more enjoyable as I had a good idea of what I was doing, thank you! I still have the rear rack to make and then I will take some proper pictures of the finished bike. It's so awesome being able ride something I made, and being able to furnish it with racks that I made also just make it that much more exciting! #framebuilding #filletbrazing #knottybear #laidbackcyclist #cycling #brazing #fabrication #design #bicycle #steelisreal #stainlesssteel #neverstoplearning #porteurbike #kingfisher #bicyclerack #compassrattrappass #rodivision #trpspyre #porteurrack
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Active Recovery Ride! Well more probably recovery hindrance ride 😋 I am still having trouble with the ankle which is now proven to be tendonitis and not some mystery infection from the zombie flesh eating wood ants 🐜, but I just cant rest, I need the ride to keep away the evil inside, that is cabin fever! My name is Barry, I am a recovering cycloholic. It has been 20 minutes since my last ride.... etcetera, etcetera. Gaia 2.0 nestled in an Amazon Wood Ants nest with a beautiful hollowed out tree as a back drop. Burnham Beeches is a truly beautiful place to visit by bike 😊 #stansnotubes #tubeless #gaia2 #gaia #laidbackcyclist #recumbent #recumbentbike #ligfiets #liegerad #velocouche #knottybear #testing #bicycle #cycling #londoncycling #laidbacklondon #mavic #schwalbekojak #schwalbe #notubes #beautifulplaces #burnhambeeches #ifyougodowntothewoodstoday #performer_recumbents #tree #englishheritage
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The art of camouflage and concealment! Believe it or not, there is a bicycle in this picture! Yes really! If you look very closely you can just about make out the faint outline of my bike, no, I'm not pulling you leg, it's really there, right in front of the Sydney Opera House 😋 After convalescing with my poorly ankle and riding alternative bike types (luckily I have a very varied taste in bikes 😁) I decided to try the recumbent again and had a little ride out to Greenwich, Woolwich and Stratford, the ankle seems to have done ok and I hope it was just a minor hiccup after abusing myself on my after work rides! I had a great ride and also met Simon and Chris, two cyclists on the Woolwich ferry, whom I then took on a magical mystery tour to, and along the Greenway to the Olympic park. It was great to meet you both and I really enjoyed the company, thank you. #gaia2 #gaia #laidbackcyclist #recumbent #recumbentbike #ligfiets #liegerad #velocouche #knottybear #bicycle #cycling #londoncycling #laidbacklondon #performer_recumbents #activerecovery #camoflaugeandconcealment #camouflage #thamesbarrier #thecolourgreen #ifyournotridingyournotliving #bikebuddies
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